The Museum of Fine Arts offers a wide range of career opportunities. This page features open positions as they become available.

Please be advised that due to the high volume of applicants, we are only able to contact those candidates whose skills and background best fit the needs of the open positions. The Museum of Fine Arts is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Marketing Director

The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, seeks a seasoned Director of Marketing, with up-to-date knowledge of all communication channels—print, TV, radio, New Media and Social Media—and the creativity to use all media to maximum effectiveness. She/he must have the creativity to develop unconventional yet effective means of advancing public knowledge of the MFA, so as to stimulate increased public engagement with the Museum. The successful candidate will have prior experience with establishing and improving effective workflows–using internal and external talents and resources and his/her own skills, as appropriate–so that MFA goals are met on time and at optimal cost.

The position involves coordination of the MFA Website with an eye to its maximum usefulness as a primary communication and marketing tool. The ability to coordinate and update listings and pages, as well as the ability to modify or direct the modification of the Website, are required, as is expertise in the use of Social Media. This includes the ability to access and analyze metrics of use.

Personal qualities required are superior communication ability, orally and in writing; superb listening skills; and the ability to interface effectively with staff, marketing professionals, the press, and leaders within the MFA family. He/she must be able to work effectively with many constituencies. The ideal candidate will have proven success with managing expectations tactfully, demonstrating grace under pressure effortlessly, and managing a large number of projects and efforts simultaneously and seamlessly.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in marketing or related field of study, or equivalent work record
  • Experience in a marketing leadership position.
  • Deep understanding of the unique challenges of marketing a cultural attraction, particularly in Tampa Bay’s tourist economy.
  • Continued interest and education in theories and trends in marketing, advertising, and communication.
  • Commitment to professional development through membership/leadership in professional organizations and participation in professional conferences
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement strategic marketing plans with measurable results, establish and improve effective workflows, leverage internal and external talent and resources, manage timelines and optimize budgets
  • Experience negotiating and managing contracts with advertising agencies, design firms, web developers, printers, videographers, photographers, software developers, and other freelancers
  • Current knowledge of and hands-on experience in all communication channels, including print, broadcast, online, mobile and social media
  • Thorough understanding of media relations, preferably with existing relationships to maximize press opportunities
  • Knowledge to manage and improve websites as a primary communication and marketing tool. Must have the ability to update content and direct technical modifications.
  • Expertise in the most common social media platforms with an eye to the next generation of sites to remain current. Must understand how to access and analyze metrics to maximize these tools.


  1. Develop, coordinate, and implement MFA communication and marketing initiatives to achieve attendance and membership goals, develop new audiences, and promote the Museum. Marketing initiatives must demonstrably enhance the performance of enterprise activities, and provide useful research information to program developers, enterprise managers, and senior staff.
  2. Work with key clients and/or consultants to develop an annual MFA Marketing and Communication Plan that takes into consideration all core areas of operation, as well as exhibitions and special projects. Develop yearly and quarterly strategy for marketing of Museum activity via conventional and new media.
  3. Coordinate production of a wide variety of communication and informational materials: internal signage and graphics, posters, banners, directionals, brochures, rack cards, listings, invitations, fliers and other promotional material, etc., which–even if developed by others inside our organization or outside experts–must communicate a consistent effect to achieve our strategic purpose.
  4. Develop and maintain a comprehensive Marketing Calendar of marketing placements through all channels, according to needs. Develop, administer, monitor, and report on budgets for same. When a communication strategy/plan has been approved, make it happen on time and on budget. Report promptly the results and record of expenditures.
  5. Develop a comprehensive Production Calendar for all Museum communication efforts. This includes but is not limited to: advertising copy and design; rack cards; brochures and similar printed materials; mailings, invitations; solicitations; posters; banners; membership brochures; annual reports; collateral materials of every kind. Plan and track all phases of production: concept; budget; design; manufacture; distribution.
  6. Develop and follow regular schedule for reviewing and updating our Website.
  7. Develop and implement regular schedule for Social Media use by the Museum, in conformity with approved direction, strategy, and budget.
  8. Maintain a comprehensive view of what is being done through all channels for and/or by all clients and members of the MFA family (i.e., public programs, membership, development, curatorial, the shop, the café, rentals and catering, as well as the Stuart Society, Collectors Circle, Friends of Decorative Arts, Friends of Photography, Marly Music Society).
  9. Develop, review, secure approval for, and manage contractual or other agreements/relationships with outside designers, web service providers, technical experts or other talents with whom we work on a contractual basis. This includes reviewing and monitoring bills submitted and paid, anticipating bills yet to be paid. Strict attention to budget planning, project completion, and expense control is a critical task.
  10. The Marketing Director will be expected to articulate, implement, and monitor sound marketing strategies for core and ancillary activities effectively in an unbiased manner, for and with many constituencies.
  11. Participate in, and in some cases lead, committees and working groups focused on our marketing and communication work.
  12. Other duties as assigned. 


Part-time Museum Associate

The Associate must be able to work weekends, evenings, and maintain flexible hours. Working under direct supervision, the Associate will provide courteous service to customers in the Museum Store and at Admissions, use their knowledge of products and exhibitions to provide excellent service to Museum customers. They will greet and help Museum visitors with utmost courtesy and respect, explain admissions policy to visitors, collect admission fees, verify membership status, and answer visitor questions. This position is also responsible for on-going promotion and sales of Museum and Support Organizations membership.


While in the Store, receives, unpacks, and shelves incoming merchandise. Matches merchandise received to invoices, check for damages and identifies discrepancies using a computerized inventory control system. Prepares merchandise for sale in the Museum Store. This includes, but is not limited to, packaging and labeling merchandise. Pulls merchandise for store restocking and packages and prepares merchandise for shipping. Restocks Museum Store inventory and operates computerized POS system to answer customer queries and to sell merchandise. Maintains appearance of displays and organization of book sections with an emphasis on cleanliness and attention to detail. Fulfill end of shift closing procedures and prepare appropriate documents.

While at Admissions, collect admission fees, verify membership status, and answer questions regarding the Museum’s collections, exhibitions, events and facilities. Assist patrons with membership application forms. Fulfill end of shift closing procedures and prepare appropriate documents.

Educational Requirements

Qualifications: High school education required.


At least 2 years’ experience in a retail operation, preferably a museum or specialty bookstore, or some combination of experience sufficient to develop sales, inventory control and cash management skills. Must be able to operate a computer cash register. May occasionally have to move cartons weighing up to 30 pounds.

Please submit your application to hr@fine-arts.org. Applications may also be mailed or hand delivered.